Randy Ellis and wife, Trisha, wanted to build a house on the family ranch.  While building, they lived in a double-wide trailer with five children and one income; money was tight. They needed a pad built for their house.  After multiple estimates, Randy realized how expensive it was going to be to have someone do it for him.  Thus, he decided to buy a dump truck and a rubber-tired backhoe, dug a pond on the property and used the dirt to build the pad.

Neighbor's took notice as the couple moved the dirt and started to ask them to bring dirt for them as well. Eventually, neighbor's became clients and started asking for more services; R&T Ellis, Inc. was established.


R&T Ellis, Inc. quickly grew to 45 people and provided all services involved in earthwork, such as: clearing, grubbing, mass and fine grading.


While surviving the economic downfall, the company remained steadfast and focused. During this time, they ambitiously developed a plan for growth to coincide with industry needs.


Jared Miller joined the team and the R&T Ellis, Inc. Pipeline Division was developed.  Under one crew, they conquered a dirt job building containment berms and a tank pad. Upon this successful project, R&T Ellis, Inc. was awarded a second job of a similar scope of work.  Then an opportunity on the mechanical side was presented.  The customer was blown away by the quality of work provided by R&T Ellis, Inc.  A few months later, an additional crew was added to expand on the pipeline services side.


To further broaden capabilities, Patrick Thiel was hired to establish and oversee the Roller Compacted Concrete Division.   By adding this service, R&T Ellis, Inc. became a “one stop shop” for site work.  Furthermore, they were awarded and conquered the largest RCC Pavement Developement in the world: CLICK TO LEARN MORE


R&T Ellis, Inc. opened its west Texas division office in order to better service the Permian and Delaware Basin. 


With over 200 employees and continued growth R&T Ellis, Inc. is on par to becoming one of the top industry leaders in civil, pipeline, and RCC services.

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