Roller compacted concrete pavement

Alongside our Civil and Pipeline services, we offer Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Pavement. 
RCC is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable pavement option.  RCC Pavement offers initial costs similar to asphalt and life cycle costs equal to conventional reinforced concrete. 
Resistance to freeze/thaw conditions, speed of construction, and life-term performance make this an appealing option to municipalities, commercial, and industrial projects.

RCC Paving Process

Civil sets the stage

The RCC Division takes over;

Equipment set up

begin the paving process;

RCC Mixing Plant

loaders fill the aggregates into a twin-shaft continuous mixing plant which mixes and distributes into dump trucks;

(4) 20-ton dump trucks

are continuously moving with mixing plant production of up to 400 tph;

RCC Intro to Paver

trucks dump freshly mixed RCC into an ABG Paver;

Paver & Screed

ABG Paver is equipped with a double tamper screed providing up to 99% compaction;

40' Wide Capability

R&T Ellis is capable of up to 40' wide pavement being pulled in a single pass;

RCC is strong enough

RCC, unlike conventional concrete can be walked on immediately after being laid, drive-able within hours, and open to full traffic capacity within 24 hours;


fresh pavement is immediately troweled;

Nuclear Density Testing

following troweling a nuclear density test is performed to meet quality assurance and quality control;

More QA/QC

core testing is performed not only immediately on site but @ 7/28 days;


after successful nuclear density testing, curing is completed before being roller compacted.

Joints and Filling

joints are saw cut, and filled with a DOT approved polymer;

On-grade Pavement

The end result of R&T Ellis' division collaboration is: level, even, on-grade pavement. Contact us for more information.


Welcome to Plum Grove RCC Road Expose

Supported by the Cement Council of Texas

Matthew Singel (L) and Jan Prusinski (R)

Event Attendee's

Patrick Thiel, President of R&T Ellis RCC Pavement Division, discusses the project with attendee's.


PSI testing begins with a hand-held vibratory compactor which performs to achieve site based samples. The testing tubes require 3-4 lifts to achieve this similarity.

R&T Ellis, inc. News

R&T Ellis, Inc. Roller Compacted Concrete Division was established in August of 2017 and was immediately awarded the largest Roller Compacted Concrete development contract in the world.  Click the Texas Contractor link below to learn more about Plum Grove, TX.